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Fall 2019 · Volume III, Issue 3

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Two-time Nursing Alumna Reflects on May 4 Tragedy

Pat Gless reflects on May 4, 1970 near what was then the ambulance bay of the old Ravenna hospital
In the spring of 1970, Pat Gless, MSN ’93, BSN ’71, RN, was a junior in Kent State University’s inaugural nursing program. On
May 4, 1970, a professor rushed into her classroom and warned students to leave campus. Pat learned about the campus shootings once she returned to her home, which sat behind the old Ravenna hospital where she happened to work. Fifty years later, Pat reflects on the events surrounding that tragedy and how they have impacted her life and nursing career.
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College of Nursing Commemorates May 4

May 4 Site Tour with Survivor, Alan Canfora
10/2/19 - 5:30 p.m. / May 4 Visitors Ctr.
PTSD: From May 4 Through Present Day Panel Discussion
10/2/19 - 7 p.m. / Kiva Auditorium

Nursing Job & Career Fair

10/21/19 - 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. / Henderson Hall

The Nursing Job & Career Fair is a great way to meet face-to-face with recruiters from top local hospitals and prominent healthcare organizations. Open to all nursing students and alumni.


Dr. Amy Petrinec
Dr. Amy Petrinec
During her years as an ICU nurse, Amy Petrinec, Ph.D., RN, Assistant Professor at the College of Nursing, noticed that chronically, critically ill patients, as well as their family
members, commonly experience negative psychological symptoms. Her bedside experiences lead her to study this phenomenon as a doctoral student, and later to broaden her research as a post-doctoral fellow.

Today, Dr. Petrinec tests interventions designed to reduce the negative impact of critical illness on health and quality of life for patients and their families. With funding awarded through Kent State’s Healthy Communities Research Initiative, she is conducting a feasibility study to examine treatment of psychological symptoms through intergrating smartphone delivery of a cognitive behavior therapy app with support provided to patients and family members during and after ICU hospitalization.

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